Frequently Asked Questions

What is Slalom Manager?

SlalomManager is a way to get more involved in Canoe Slalom action. Everyone can make his/her own team, choosing athletes from the real competitions, and get them obtain points for the virtual team. All the teams are ranked based on these points so we know who the best virtual manager is. 

Do you think that being a team manager is easy? Try it out!

How can I build a team?

Just sign up and join one of the active leagues (they can be composed of one or more real races). You will be allowed to make one or more teams following some simple rules, that are specific for each league, such as:

      1. Stick to the proposed budget
      2. Choose as many team members as it has been required
      3. Meet the class requirements (Ex: at least one team member of each boat class)
      4. There might be a maximum number of team members of the same country

How does my team get points?

Each one of your chosen athletes will race on the real races proposed on the league, with real results. These results will give you points following the next formula:


  • Final position: Points related to the final position of the athlete in the race. Same amount as ICF gives on the World Cups: 60 to the 1st, 55 to the 2nd...
  • Clean runs: Every time an athlete archieves a clean run on the race, he/she is given points because of it.
  • Victory runs: Every time an athlete wins a run on the race, he/she is given points because of it. It doesn't matter if it's heats 1, heats 2, semifinal or final.

How is the list of athletes that can be chosen made?

The history of every athlete has been taken into account thanks to the power of

The amount of SCs (SlalomCoins*) for each athlete is the result of taking into account every major race (Senior, U23 or Jr; ICF World cup, World champs or ECA Euros). This information is taken from the slalomstats database, which currently has racing data from 2017 onwards. The final amount comes from:

  • Athletes with at least two races have been selected
  • Two worst results have been discarded
  • Average of theorical points awarded at slalommanager
  • Extra points for major medals at ICF senior Worlds or Olympic Games
*Currency pending of official valuation 

I am an actual paddler. Why am I in this?

You are in this game because you are part of canoe slalom world, therefore, there will be a lot of managers interested in having you in their teams.

We want you to feel confortable, so you can change your athlete's profile image or your public social media profiles. Or if you don't want to be on it at all, just contact us at, and we will do as you wish.

I am an event organizer. Can I have my race on the game?

Sure! We'd be happy to have as many races as possible and contribute to a better engagement with canoe slalom and its races.

Contact us at